Internal Regulations of Varadinum Foto Club Oradea

Internal Regulations of the Board of Director of VARADINUM FOTO CLUB, complements the Ovi D. Pop Association’s Statute, regarding the organization and functioning of the club’s activity.


Hereinafter, the abbreviation VFC will be used,, which will refer to VARADINUM FOTO CLUB of Oradea.


FCV, as a national body established under Law no. 246/18.07.2005 (published in the Official Gazette no. 656/ 25.07.2005, approving the Government Ordinance no. 26/2000, according to Art. 4) is the subject of law made up of 2 photographers (founding members Ovi D. Pop and Adela Lia Rusu) who, on the basis of an agreement, have put and will, in the future, jointly and without the right to restitution, put their material contribution, knowledge and part in the work for specific non-patrimonial activities of general interest.
According to art. I (2) of GO no. 26 of 30.01.2000, VFC is private legal entity, without patrimonial purpose. VFC has its basic structure in her members, with whom it will be directly linked, providing and receiving from them the information which the component members need, for the smooth running of the artistic photography activities.


Through its established programs, VFC proposes:
– monthly meetings of photo club members
– individual and group photography exhibitions
– creative camps
– sharing experience with other photo clubs in the country and abroad
– encouraging the members to participate in national and international photography salons
– supporting and promoting the photo club members through photo exhibitions
– logistic and material support of photo club members
– organization of events, salons, festivals, competitions, exhibitions for the promotion of photographic art
– develop and stimulate creativity in photographic art by organizing seminars and workshops
– organizing photography courses to support the evolution of creativity and raising the professional level of photography


VFC can support, through various specific forms, the activities of Partner Organizations that carry out their activities in: Universities, Unions, Associations, Photo-clubs or Photographic Groups with or without legal personality.
VFC decides to affiliate or not to international photography organizations as decided by the Board of Directors; affiliation decisions and results will be communicated to its members.
The VFC logo may be displayed in public (exhibition halls, prints, mass-media, web-sites, etc. only with the written consent of FCV).


The exposure of official VFC logo, without the organization’s consent, is a contravention and is sanctioned by law and obliges the individual or legal person involved to withdraw it immediately. Non-withdrawal of the logo for which there is no FVC Board of Director’s approval, is a crime, for which all the persons involved will be sued in the Courts.
When organizing a vernissage of a group exhibition by the VFC, Board of directors has the task of selecting the photos that a particular member is about to exhibit. The Board of Directors may refuse to expose one or more photographs only on the grounds that they do not meet the minimum quality requirements from a technical and artistic point of view.
In the case of a personal exhibition approved by the Board of directors, any member of the VFC may request support (material and logistic) for organizing the event.


The liaison of the members with the VFC will be held through:
– The FCV site:, which is the official communication interface
– The e-mail address:
– Postal address:


Each VFC member will pay the annual subscription, quarterly, for the current year. The amount of the annual fee will be determined by the VFC’s Board of Directors, by December 31 of each year for the following year.
If a member is late in paying the annual subscription fee, the Board of Directors may refuse him to participate in a vernissage or any VFC activity.
Any natural person, irrespective of nationality, sex, age, political or religious affiliation, who recognizes, complies and applies the FCV’s Organization and Functioning Rules may become a member of VFC.


In order to become a member, fill in the registration form and attach a portfolio of 10 digital images on the official site of the club,
The board of directors analyzes the application and the portfolio, approving or rejecting the application.

They may become VFC members and photographers from other countries who recognize, comply and apply the Association Rules published by the FCV website.


The members of VFC may be:
– Founding members (MF)
– Debutant members (MD)
– Creative members (MC)
– Honorary members (MO)


Founding members (MF) are associate members who have founded the FCV and are also the Board of Directors who lead the VFC in its relations with creative members and domestic and international bodies for the smooth conduct of photographic activities throughout the country and with the participation of VFC creators to photographic activities outside the country
In order to become a debutant member (MD) or a creative member (MC), it is necessary to fill in the registration form and submit a portfolio of 10 images (in digital format accompanied by a Curriculum Vitae and a 10 x 15 cm portrait photo on the club’s website. The Board of Directors analyzes the application and the portfolio and decides the applicant’s acceptance and assignment to the debutant members or creative members.
All debutants and creative members recognize, respect and apply the FCV Internal Regulations. Following the approval of his application, the new member will receive a VFC Member Card and a Member Certificate, benefiting from all the rights deriving from that quality.


Each year, the Board of Directors will analyze the portfolio and activity of the debutant members and will be able to decide on the promotion of the most deserving members of the creative community. The promotional application for creative membership is sent by e-mail.


Honorary Membership (MO) is achieved as a result of a special local and national activity to support, organize and promote artistic photography in Romania and worldwide.

This distinction is granted by the VFC Board of Directors as follows:
– to outstanding personalities in the field of photographic art;
– to art and culture people who support and promote photographic art;
– to personalities (teachers) in the field of educational art education;
– to outstanding personalities in the field of photographic technique;
– to professional photographers who support and promote VFC activity and photographic movement.

 Assembly for unfair behaviour towards FCV.

Founding members have deliberative voting rights, MD, MC have consultative voting rights.

Members have the following rights:
– to participate in the activities organized by FCV, to be timely informed about them and to benefit from the free facilities and amenities for each of the announced activities;
– to be supported by the VFC (as far as possible) in the activities they organize, through free specialist consultations and by the direct presence of the members of the Board of Directors, when requested.
– members can receive credentials and representation powers of FCV for the domestic and international activities that these members require to participate; their requests will be made in advance and addressed to the Board of Directors for approval
– members will be able to benefit from support, if they wish to organize personal exhibitions.
– meetings of FCV members take place twice a month and attendance is not compulsory. Meetings are headed by the President and, in the absence thereof, by the Vice-President. The summary of those established in these meetings may be forwarded to absent members by mail, forum (discussion group) or other open media. The President may delegate a FCV member for this task.
– each photo taken in one of the actions organized and run by FCV remains the property of the copyright owner but may be used only with the author’s consent to promote the association, in which case its author will be indicated.

Members have the following duties:
– to recognize, observe and apply the VFC Regulation and the decisions of the Board of Directors
– to report to the Board of Directors when they find malfunctions or violations of the VFC Regulation by other members and to actively contribute to resolving and removing the negative effects of these irregularities or disputes;
– support the FCV, within the limits of its personal capabilities, to implement actions undertaken both nationally and internationally;
– to show moral conduct, to show a spirit of respect and mutual help towards FCV;
– to act and respect the principles of professional ethics and to act only in the spirit and interest of the association, under any circumstances;
– to actively contribute to the discovery, promotion and formation of young talents in the field of photographic art and to contribute to their proximity to the VFC by involving them in the photographic movement and recommending their reception among the debutant members of the group;
– pay in due time the established contribution and actively contribute to the promotion of photographic art, in the spirit of the provisions of the FCV Regulation;
– not to take actions that contravene the FVC’s Organization and Functioning Regulations or other FCV members, not to denigrate or participate in actions that in any way affect the prestige and image of the FCV association or members. Any violation and non-compliance with the Regulation or denigration of the VFC and its members results in the final exclusion of the culprit.


VFC memberships is lost under the following conditions:
– on request;
– by not paying the FCV annual membership fee until June 30
– as a sanction for serious actions against the interests of VFC and its members.

Loss of VFC membership is determined by the Board of Directors.
The decisions of the Board of Directors are final, irrevocable and incontestable.
The VFC is headed by the General Assembly of Founding Members.
The governing bodies of the VFC are:
General Assembly of Founding Members.
Board of Directors


The General Assembly of the Founding Members meets annually during the first quarter of that year. Its work shall take place in the place and date communicated to each VFC Founding Member at least 2 (two) months before the scheduled date. The General Assembly is usually convened by the president of the VFC but may also be called by the Vice-president.
The General Assembly of the Founding Members has the following attributions:
1. – debates and makes decisions on the activities of the VFC and the Board of Directors;
2. – debates and decides on any proposals to amend the Organization and Functioning Regulation of the VFC and the change the functional duties of the members of the Board of directors;
3. – validates every 2 (two) years the Board of directors and reconfirms totally or partially the composition of the functions and persons assigned to these positions. In special cases, extraordinary sessions of the General Assembly may be held to resolve the issues raised.
4. – analyzes and validates the Board of Directors’ decisions on the admissions, withdrawals or exclusions of VFC members and resolves the proposals, complaints or notifications of FCV creative members;
5. – analyzes and approves the revenue and expenditure budget for the financial year ended and approves the draft budget for the following year;
6. – The decisions of the General Assembly are taken by simple majority
7. – Composition of the Board of Directors is elected every two years by the Founding Members and contributing members, from 2018 onwards.
8. The Board of Directors is the regular governing body of the VFC that follows and implements all matters approved by the General Assembly and maintains permanent contact with the FCV creative members, announcing in advance the internal and international activities to be held.

The Board of Directors is in contact with partner organizations and international organizations, as well as with other national bodies, organizations and associations from other countries, with whom it will establish collaborative relationships.

The composition of the Board of Directors is as follows:
I. President: OVI D.POP
II. Vice-President: RUSU ADELA LIA

The VFC may be dissolved in accordance with the General Assembly of the Associate Members and shall be brought to the attention of all members of the VFC within 30 calendar days of the date of the decision.

The assets and funds existing at the time of dissolution will be transferred to the successor organization or organizations.
The assignation and transfer, both to the manager and to the legal successor, shall be done by a notarial act, in the presence of all the members of the Board of Directors, signed by them and by the representatives of the legal successors.

The Board of Directors has the obligation to announce the national and international organizations with which the VFC has established collaborative relations, the dissolution of the association.

Unexpected situations and emerging new elements at national and international level that can be included in the FCV activity are solved by the Board of Directors.

This REGULATION may be amended or supplemented upon proposals by the Founding Members
This REGULATION was approved by the General Assembly of the Founding Members on 17 July 2017.

For the year 2024, the contribution was set at 180 lei – 36 euros 
The fee can be sent using PayPal to: or by bank transfer to: