Kenéz Éva

I started photography (with a camera) at the beginning of 2020, I learned the basics at the Marvany Photography Workshop in Békéscsaba. I have been participating in tenders for two years. I achieved first and second place in domestic competitions, nearly 100 recognitions in international competitions, including a club diploma and honorable mention, as well as a diploma.
My solo exhibitions: in the fall of 2020 under the title “Farm Crumbs”, these pictures gave a glimpse into the life of a dairy farm. In the spring of 2022, I presented my nature photos under the title SEASONS at an exhibition in Gyula. With these images, I highlighted one moment from the continuity, showing the world of feelings and thoughts that simply ‘came through’ at the moment of making them, and I hoped to ‘hand them over’ to the viewers. During my work, the analytical approach has become a part of my everyday life, which I also apply to photography. For me, photography is a path of discovery, how to convey thoughts, feelings, and atmosphere through photos without words.


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