Exhibition centres Europe – FIAP Exhibition Center The Carpathian, Uzhhorod (Ukraine) «We are Varadinum» – April 2023

Photographic Art Association of Transcarpathia and the Transcarpathian museum of regional studies named after Tivadar Lehoczky as part of the cooperation between the creative photographic associations of the two cities of the Carpathian region – Uzhhorod (Ukraine) and Oradea (Romania), have presented on the 31th of March in The Carpathian FEC the photo exhibition «We are Varadinum». Three representatives of the Romanian photo club took part in the presentation of the exhibition: Vincze Szabolcs, Tomi Borza and Ovi D. Pop (EFIAP/g), who, as «Varadinum Foto Club» president, noted: «Back in November 2022, together with Stefan Toth (AFIAP, ESFIAP) we visited Ukraine with a humanitarian mission. We sympathize with the Ukrainian people that they have to go through these trials. This exhibition is a desire to bring a little joy through art».
Vasyl Homonai, the deputy mayor of Uzhhorod, congratulated the participants of the opening. On behalf of the Uzhhorod City Council he presented thanks to three members of the “Varadinum Foto Club” for supporting the image of Uzhhorod as one of the 22 photographic centers of the world.
The exhibition presents 55 photographs by 55 members of the Varadinum Foto Club, including portraits, landscapes, street photos and conceptual photos. Varadinum Foto Club from Oradea is the most active photo club in Romania now, obtaining the 31st place out of 224 in the competition of the best photo clubs in the world according to the ranking made by the International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP).   The exhibition will last till April 14th, 2023.

Volodymyr Norba,  curator of the exhibition, an expert of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation

Simpatica vidră de pe Crișul Repede e „vedetă” în Oradea!
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